Kumar Ashwin

Kumar Ashwin

Securing Thoughts

Security Consultant @ Payatu

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Ashwin is a meticulous newbie in the world of cyber-security, crashing in with a brain focusing on capturing the flags. The young enthusiast believes in gaining knowledge by sharing it, simplicity being the key to interact with like-minded individuals.

He contributes to communitites such as null and Developer Circle: Pune. He has been leading/managing null Study Groups for six different domains and have been working with Payatu as an intern for cyber security. He holds industry certifications such as CEH Practicals and MTA: Security Fundamentals.

He often writes about his experience on his blog and his social footprints can be tracked on twitter mostly.

He is surely the social being you will find at a snooker table dominated by a geeky conversation!


Security Consultancy Intern
Jan 2021 – Present Pune
  • Working with clients to pentest web applications
  • Developing front-end solution to make the internal secure code wiki public
  • Research on real time scenarios and tools
Software Development Intern
Jun 2020 – Aug 2020 Remote
  • Developed an admin panel to monitor and manage data and requests from the mobile application.
  • Tech Stack used: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJS and MongoDB


Volunteering work in different tech communitites.

Sep 2020 – Present Remote
  • Managing null Study Groups for 6 different domains of information security. Helping the newcomers, get exposed to industry grade learning experience. Responsibilities involved conducting weekly/bi-weekly meetups, finding mentors, etc.
  • Moderator for null Community Discord Server.
  • Worked in the OSINT project, contributed in gathering information from the government websites and presenting them in an easy-to-consume form.
Core Team Member
Nov 2019 – Present Remote
  • Moderating talks, sessions and any events that fall under the umbrella of DevC: Pune.
  • Developed CTF security centric challenges, for developers to learn about security.
  • Generates content or organizes discussion for the members.

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